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New Life – Falling for a Donkey Foal

So just like this blog: our baby donkey has been literally up and running for more than a month now, but it took some time to actually start hitting the keyboard, welcoming this little beauty and thereby kicking off our blog 🙂

Our growing beautiful donkey family - just one of the many things we love about our life

Junior, the youngest donkey kid and his mom

But first of all, let me introduce you to the family:


Not only is she the eldest, but she’s also the mom of all three kids that currently live here (she gave birth to many more). Despite caring lovingly for her offspring, she is super strong and the real boss; not shying away from kicking and pushing Kiriakos.

2016 Donkey and foal @Natural_Outliers

2015 Xanoum with Teddy


The dad of our three little ones and while he comes across as a macho at first, he is actually very cuddly and always the first in the row when it’s time for combing.

The @Natural_Outliers donkey patriarch posing

Kiriakos, the patriarch posing


The name says it all. When I got to know Teddy during my first and short visit here 2 years ago, her fur was so fluffy and thick that I called her Teddy all the time. The name (she was only a few months old back then) stuck and her initial birth name Mavroula (Blackhead) is almost forgotten. This young lady is by far the most naughty but also curious one of all.

Donkey kissing a @Natural_Outliers' cat

Teddy kissing a cat


Sabbat was born right at the beginning of our sabbatical in summer 2016 and hence her name. Other than her older sister she is a bit shy and needs more time to build trust. Nevertheless, we chose her for our first round of headcollar training (*fail*).

2016 donkey foal drinking @Natural_Outliers

2016 Sabbat as a young foal


Whether you are a lifelong donkey lover or not, you probably have to admit that this little boy is extremely cute and creates an immediate need to hug and cuddle!

Donkey junior chasing a chicken @Natural_Outliers

Donkey Junior chasing a chicken

Donkey junior enjoying fresh milk all day @Natural_Outliers

Junior enjoying fresh milk all day

As you can tell from the descriptions: we are by no means donkey experts but only donkey lovers (for now!). Our main priority is to learn the essentials for ensuring their wellbeing – if you have any tips and tricks or book recommendations etc., please let us know!!!

Short to medium term goal is the use of the headcollar and being able to guide them (this sounds so much easier than it is!!!). In the long run, however, we want to take joint tours up the mountain with our donkeys (them carrying only our snacks, not us 😉 ) for some extra nutrition, training but most of all entertainment (for them!). And who knows, depending on how well things are progressing I would not be surprised if Klio requests that we add “let me ride them” to the long-term goals…

There will be more to come on our donkeys and donkeys in general but for now, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Hugging time for our @Natural_Outliers' donkeys

Hugging time for our donkeys (and us 😉 )

Our @Natural_Outliers' donkeys playing in the snow

Our donkeys playing in the snow

Our @Natural_Outliers' donkeys enjoying a sun bath in late spring

Donkeys enjoying a sunbath in late spring

Donkeys waiting at the bar for their food @Natural_Outliers

Donkeys waiting ‘at the bar’ for their food


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