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World's Best Olive Oil

Awarded, natural, mono-variety,
directly from the producer & sustainable

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What defines our olive oil

Olives are fruits. And like most fruits, they are very sensitive and oxidize quickly on contact with air. As well known with apples or bananas that have been peeled and left in the air for a while: the oxidation process darkens the pulp, forms acids and negatively affects the taste.

We harvest, transport our olives with extreme care and extract the olive oil during the same afternoon on the day of harvest.
We happily accept the smaller batches required and the additional work involved in order to achieve excellent taste and top quality.


Another important factor for both the taste and the (health-promoting) ingredients is the time of harvest.

In general, olives can be harvested at any point during the ripening process. We believe the mid-October harvest is ideal. Although the yield is lower than in the late harvest, the olives give a fruity, stronger aroma and the olive oils have significantly higher levels of polyphenols and antioxidants. Both are responsible for the diverse health benefits of olive oil.








It actually goes without saying, but to state explicitly: both our filtered and unfiltered olive oils are cold-extracted using the latest technology and are always vintage extra virgin olive oils from our small artisan farm.


Find a very good and clear summary of quality olive oil by Ökotest in the article " Recognizing good olive oil: quality, grade and origin "

Our early harvest olive oil extra virgin Aoron has won multiple international awards and got listed as one of the world's best olive oils.

Find out why the international olive oil sommeliers are fond of this regenerative olive oil and certify it's premium quality and intense aroma: learn more about our international awards.

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