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Better protection for the oil and more environmentally friendly packaging

Weltbestes Olivenöl Aoron Pouch_edited.jpg

Has this happened to you before? You bought your favorite wine for a great dinner and left it open in the sun at lunchtime???


Probably not. Let's hope :-) Because regarding wine, it's clear that we have to treat it more carefully than described above to truly enjoy it.
The same holds true for olive oil. Maybe even more so, since ideally it ends up on our table more often than wine, and is not only gourmet food but also health-promoting.

The biggest enemies of good olive oil are light/heat and oxygen! And every time we pour green gold out of the bottle, more oxygen comes in. Taste and ingredients suffer (and with them the shelf life).

And that's exactly why we will offer our current annual harvest exclusively in the so-called pouch (BPA-free and especially suitable for oil).

The advantages of the pouch at a glance:

  • protected from light

  • oxygen protected (vacuum bag)

  • lighter and more compact than glass bottles and therefore much more environmentally friendly to transport

  • less impact on the environment over the entire lifecycle

Personally, we find a glass bottle more attractive and beautiful. But the combination of 'better protection' for our valuable Aoron olive oil and the better sustainability record makes us dare this experiment.

If you don't want to do without the glass bottle, simply fill a dark, closed small bottle regularly with olive oil (but with such a small amount that you can consume it within a few days).

More about sustainability

Pouches (also called stand-up pouches) are currently considered the most sustainable form of packaging, see links below. Because their manufacturing process alone causes significantly fewer CO2 emissions. Less resources are also required than for the production of glasses or cans.

Pouch CO2 Footprint_edited.jpg

Since the pouch is also very light and space-saving, it has another advantage. The transport (both on the way to bottling, from bottling to the warehouse and of course for shipping to you) is more environmentally friendly and efficient:

Pouch Transport.png

World's best olive oil
award-winning, natural, mono-variety, directly from the producer & sustainable

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