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Smoothie Upgrade

Whether it's spinach, strawberry, banana, chocolate or mixed: we love them all year round, but now seems to be a good time to talk about them, because thanks to winter and new resolutions, many of you are taking a closer look at their own nutrition and energy.

So why smoothies and what does olive oil have to do with it?

Smoothies are simply an extremely easy method of taking in all the goodness and nutrition in a tasty manner and in a few sips :-). And if desired, you can hide (i.e. mix in) enough green ingredients for those who do not enjoy salads.

Olive oil is a threefold enrichment & upgrade for any smoothie:

1) A super supplement of antioxidants and bitter substances (hello immune system, hello heart health, hello fat metabolism) - especially if it is an early harvest olive oil.

2) Good olive oil (yes, only the good ones, otherwise it can be the opposite) doesn't drown out other flavours, but supports them and makes them more complex.

3) Olive oil makes the smoothie (or shake) much creamier and richer.

For all the "newcomers" here who don't know us and our olive oil yet, here is the essence:

  • Aoron is an extra virgin olive oil from Greece, single vintage & mono varietal!

  • 4 International Awards and listed as one of the Best Olive Oils in the World.

  • Harvested earliest to capture incredible flavours with abundant health-promoting polyphenols and antioxidants (see lab results).

  • Natural. We do not use any pesticides, insecticides or anything nasty.

  • Regenerative. Organic is good, but our approach goes a crucial step further.

  • Small but mighty. We are a micro-producer and very pleased with that. This allows for hand-picked olive oils and interaction with each individual customer.

  • Transparency and participation. Whether friends or strangers, we welcome anyone who wants to have a close look at our groves or our small donkey farm!


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