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We got featured in "Olive Oil Times"!

"Producers Across Greece Continue to Celebrate NYIOOC Triumphs Winners from Greece continue to share their enthusiasm for their record number of NYIOOC awards, a sign that the Greek olive oil sector is alive and well. By Costas Vasilopoulos"

Meanwhile, Pangaio Manufaktur, a new and promising grower and olive oil producer based in northern Greece, at the foot of Mount Pangaio, debuted in NYIOOC this year, earning a Gold Award for its early-harvested Aoron, a Megaritiki monovarietal.

“We are honored and proud to receive such a recognition already in our first year of production,” the owners Beate and Michail Samaras said, adding that the conditions of the harvesting season were far from ideal for their business.

“Being a small artisan family producer transitioning our olive grove to regenerative farming in such a hot and dry year was a great challenge,” they said.

“As we believe farming works only together with nature, we are the only producer in our region that applies strict regenerative farming methods – no use of pesticides, only regional organic compost for fertilizing – for the benefit of the environment, the health of our orchard and, of course, the quality of our extra virgin olive oil from early harvested olives,” the pair added.

“All year long, we work hard for healthy soils and trees, delicious olives and a speedy yet careful harvest,” they continued. “This approach has been very rewarding to us, but it takes a lot of additional manual labor and the need to detect any pests at a very early stage.”

The Samarases said that they were extremely thankful to their early customers and supporters, who encouraged them to continue on the challenging path they have chosen.

“This award greatly motivates us for the coming season, and we are thrilled to improve our groves further,” they said.


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