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Frisches sortenreines extra natives Oliv

Artisan Extra virgin olive oil - Pangaio Manufaktur

Extra early harvest (naturally cloudy)

Extra early harvest (naturally cloudy)

ἄωρον - Extra virgin olive oil (extra virgin)

naturally cloudy ( unfiltered) - 500 ml


  • full aroma - incredible smell and taste of freshly cut grass, with pronounced bitter notes and a fine spiciness
  • from our harvest on October 16, 2020
  • 100% pure variety Megaritiki (Μεγαρίτική)
  • handpicked from our regenerative cultivation
  • in a dark (UV-light protected) glass bottle with a safety cap
  • Laboratory analysis and expert panels of our olive oil can be found here
  • Thinking the other way around ...

    For the production of 500 ml of olive oil of this variety (Megaritiki) at least 5 kg of olives are required when harvested in October.

    This amount corresponds to the harvest of a quarter to half a tree in our grove and requires around 35 minutes of manual harvest time.

  • Recommended intake

    Thanks to the fruity, grass-fresh aroma and the slight spiciness, this olive oil is ideal for fresh consumption

    • as a dressing for salads and other dishes
    • as a garnish directly before serving, especially with soups and stews or bowls
    • with bread and some sea salt
    • in (keto) energy balls and granola bars

    Like any high-quality olive oil, thanks to its high heat resistance, it is also ideal for baking, cooking and roasting vegetables, meat and fish.

  • Larger units

    If you are interested in larger units, please send a short message using our contact form or on Instagram and Facebook !

variety: 100% Megaritiki (single variety)

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