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Frisches sortenreines extra natives Oliv

Artisan Extra virgin olive oil - Pangaio Manufaktur

Winner package 3 + 1

Winner package 3 + 1

ἄωρον - Extra virgin olive oil (extra virgin)

2 x gently filtered - 500 ml

2 x unfiltered - 500 ml


What a first year!

After 3 gold awards, we also won silver from Japan!

3 + 1 is a reason to celebrate and we would like to share our joy with you: our early harvest is now available in as a "Winner Package 3 + 1": if you buy 3 bottles, you get another one from as a gift from us!
Perfect for sharing selected top delicacies with friends and acquaintances.

  • from our harvest of October 16, 2020
  • single-origin 100% Megaritiki (Μεγαρίτική)
  • handpicked from our regenerative cultivation
  • in darker (UV light protected) glass bottle with safety cap
  • Laboratory analyzes and expert panel of our You can find olive oil here
  • Thinking the other way round...

    For the production of 500 ml olive oil of this variety (megaritiki) at least 5 kg of olives are necessary in October.

    In our grove, this amount corresponds to the harvest of a quarter to half a tree and takes about 35 minutes to harvest by hand

  • Recommendation

    thanks to  fruity, grass-fresh  Aroma and the slight spiciness make this olive oil ideal for fresh consumption

    • as a dressing for salads and other dishes
    • as a garnish directly before serving, especially with soups and stews or bowls
    • with bread and some sea salt
    • in (keto) energy balls and granola bars

    Like any high-quality olive oil -  Thanks to high heat resistance - also ideal for baking, cooking and roasting vegetables, meat and fish.

  • Larger units

    If you are interested in larger units please send us a short message via our contact form or on Instagram and Facebook !

variety: 100% Megaritiki (single variety)

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