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Frisches sortenreines extra natives Oliv

Artisan Extra virgin olive oil - Pangaio Manufaktur

Extra early harvest (naturally cloudy) - Pouch

Extra early harvest (naturally cloudy) - Pouch

ἄωρον - Extra virgin olive oil

naturally cloudy ( unfiltered) - 1000 ml

  • full aroma - incredible smell and taste of freshly cut grass, with pronounced bitter notes and a fine spiciness
  • from our harvest on October 07, 2021
  • 100% pure variety Megaritiki (Μεγαρίτική)
  • handpicked from our regenerative cultivation
  • in a dark (UV-light and oxygen protected) vacuum pouch
  • Laboratory analysis and expert panels of our olive oil can be found here
  • Thinking the other way around...

    For the production of 1000 ml of olive oil of this variety (Megaritiki) at least 10 kg of olives are required when harvested in October.

    This amount corresponds to the harvest of a half to a full tree in our grove and requires around 70 minutes of manual harvest time.

  • Recommendation

    thanks to  fruity, grass-fresh  Aroma and the slight spiciness make this olive oil ideal for fresh consumption

    • as a dressing for salads and other dishes
    • as a garnish directly before serving, especially with soups and stews or bowls
    • with bread and some sea salt
    • in (keto) energy balls and granola bars

    Like any high-quality olive oil, it is -  Thanks to high heat resistance - also ideal for baking, cooking and roasting vegetables, meat and fish.

  • Larger containers

    If you are interested in larger units please send us a short message via our contact form or on Instagram and Facebook !


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