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Tipping off – pruning the young olive trees

Just a short update and plenty of photos from our experimental, newly planted olive orchard.

Walking the field on a hot summer day

The field looks more like a romantic wildflower field, rather than an olive orchard 😉 We love it!

The new trees have been growing strongly (rainfalls very late in the season have been extremely helpful) and even though these baby trees just got planted in March, they are already bearing fruits! We removed some of them, to have the plants not ‘wasting’ too much energy into fruit production since we will not be harvesting yet anyway. We rather want the trees to grow big and strong.

To further support this and to promote a more bushy growth, we cut of the tip of each tree, i.e. ‘tipping off’. This technique is better know for other plants such as basil.

Our little daughter joined us and was extremely proud to do some cuttings with the pruning scissors too – it is great to get her involved at this early age and to see her enjoyment in contributing to the orchard management.

A little rest after her helping so ambitiously

Now is hoping for a rather rainy summer and observing the trees doing their thing…


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